The Latest Way to Make Delicious Pineapple Pickles

Pineapple pickles are one of the most popular complementary foods. In addition to adding freshness to food, this pineapple pickle also has many health benefits. Pineapple pickles are generally made from a variety of fruits and fresh ingredients mixed together. Because of this freshness, many people make this pickled pineapple as a snack during the day. Hmmmm, can not wait to try it? Check out the complete recipe below.
Special Pineapple Pickle Recipe
• 600 grams of pineapple (small pieces)
• 2 carrots (cut lengthwise)
• 2 cucumbers (cut lengthwise)
• 4 cloves of shallot (roughly sliced)
• 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
• 25 whole cayenne peppers
• 10 tablespoons vinegar
Salt to taste
• Just enough sugar
How to Make Special Pineapple Pickles
How to make pickled pineapple is very easy, and requires a very short time. Here are the steps to make pickled pineapple that you can do.
1. First prepare pickled ingredients. Wash thoroughly all necessary ingredients, then cut into strips of pineapple, cucumber and carrots. Remove the seeds.
2. Next boil water and add a little salt, wait until it boils.
3. After boiling, put vinegar in the cooking water, stir until smooth. Then lift, and drain.
4. Next put all the pickled ingredients into the cold boiled vinegar water.
5. Stir all ingredients thoroughly, then cover and let stand for one day and night.
6. After settling for a day and night, pickled pineapple can be served and enjoyed freshness with the family.
that's the complete recipe and how to make special pineapple pickles that we can deliver. How? very easy and simple right? For serving, this pickled pineapple will be fresher if you enjoy it in cold conditions. And so as not to get bored, you can create this pineapple pickle with other ingredients according to your taste. Thus the information we can convey, hopefully can be useful and good luck trying at home ..
Description: Pickled pineapple is a food supplement that is used to add flavor to food, but is also served as a fresh snack during the daytime. In addition to delicious, pickled pineapple has a lot of gisi content that is very good for health.

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