How to Make Indramayu Typical Mango Dodol Really Hardy

Who does not know dodol? In Indonesia, dodol is one of the typical snacks of the archipelago with a sweet taste. In Indramayu, which is a mango producing area, dodol is created with mangoes, resulting in a slightly sour and fresher flavor. In addition, the dodol texture which is chewy makes this snack more fitting on the tongue with a more attractive color. For those of you who are visiting Indramayu, of course it's mandatory for you to buy it as a souvenir. But if you can't buy it right away, you can also make it at home, but of course it takes quite a long time.
Indramayu's typical Mango Dodol recipe
Materials needed include:
• 2 kg of ripe mangoes
• 60 grams of brown sugar (combed)
• 600 kg of sugar
• ½ packs of plain or tasteless agar
• ½ teaspoon vanilla powder
• ½ teaspoon fine salt
• 500 ml of water
How to Make Indramayu Typical Mango Dodol
1. The first step is to prepare the ingredients needed, then blend the mango flesh with a blender. Make sure the mango texture is really smooth and soft.
2. After smooth, put the fine mangoes into the pan.
3. Mix with other ingredients, according to the dose.
4. Cook all dodol dough. Stir the mixture continuously so it doesn't burn.
5. Keep stirring until the mixture thickens.
6. After the dough thickens and is smooth, leave the mango dodol that has been ripe for several minutes until the desired texture is obtained.
7. After that let sit dodol, on a wide container so that dodol cools quickly.
8. And your mango dodol is ready to be enjoyed.
Well, that's the recipe and how to make Indramayu's typical mango dodol that you can try at home. To make it you have to be patient because the stirring process should not stop until the dodol texture thickens. And for serving, you can cut dodol into small pieces according to taste, and you wrap it in small pieces of plastic. Have a try huh ...
Description: Indramayu's typical mango dodol is a traditional traditional snack with a legit and slightly sour taste typical of a mango fruit.

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