Delicious Original Chicken Opor Recipe

Chicken Opor is a food menu that is mandatory on Eid. The bias is processed chicken which is given yellow coconut milk will be juxtaposed with the diamond. Although almost every house always serves this dish on the table, but one chicken opor with another opor will offer a different taste sensation. Well, for those of you who want to cook delicious chicken opor when the day of Eid arrives, it never hurts to try the following chicken opor recipe. Surely with this recipe you will produce dishes that make the audience won't stop swaying.
Ingredients needed in chicken opor recipes:
• Fresh chicken ½ kg
• Coconut 1 grain (old)
• 3 cloves garlic
• 10 cloves shallots
• Laos 1 cm
• Candlenut 5 items
• Coriander ½ tablespoon
• Cumin ¼ tbsp
• Pepper powder ¼ tbsp
• Lemongrass 1 stick, bruised
• 2 bay leaves
Salt to taste
• Brown sugar ½ tablespoon
How to make delicious chicken opor
1. The first step if you want to try the chicken opor recipe is to prepare all the ingredients needed, do not let anyone miss it because it will affect the taste of chicken opor.
2. Next, wash the chicken thoroughly and cut it into several pieces, set aside.
3. Make thick coconut milk and liquid coconut milk from an old coconut.
4. Repeat the spices that have been mentioned before, except, bay leaves, laos, and lemongrass.
5. Pour liquid coconut milk in a large saucepan, add seasonings, and you can stir it until it boils.
6. After the coconut milk boils and the spices are mixed evenly, add the chicken pieces, and pour the thick coconut milk in it.
7. Do not lift it, before the chicken meat you cook is completely cooked and tender.
8. Delicious chicken opor is ready to be served on the table.
Now that you know how to make delicious chicken dishes, surely you can not wait to make these Eid special dishes in your home kitchen. Or, if you are someone who really likes chicken eggs, you can make this processed chicken as a mainstay menu for your family at home. Indeed, Opor is very suitable if you pair with diamond. But, if you really feel lazy to make a diamond, you can change your Opor friends into rice or rice cake. Hopefully the information about chicken recipes above can be used as a reference for readers.
Description: Chicken opor recipes you must know and try if you intend to entertain guests who come home with processed chicken with good taste on Eid day.

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