5 Typical Unique Foods of Ramadan in Various Countries in the World

Ramadan is a highly awaited moment for Muslims in various parts of the world, because at this moment Muslims are obliged to fast for a full month, and the thing they miss most is the moment of breaking their fast. In Indonesia alone there are special habits that are attached to the moment of breaking the fast, such as takjil, fruit ice and other typical foods of the archipelago. Yups each region does have a special menu to accompany iftar, and not only in Indonesia that has it, in various countries where residents are fasting also have special menus, what kind of food menu?
Special Ramadahan Unique Food Menu
1. Lick from Bangladesh
For the people of Bangladesh, Ramadan is a very important moment because at this moment they have the opportunity to visit each other's family to break their fast together. And at the moment of opening together the food menu that you can't miss is Lapping a kind of Bangladeshi sweets. In this fasting month many sellers sell these sweets, especially when approaching fasting like in Indonesia. In addition to lilies there are also several other traditional Bangladeshi foods such as kebabs, chicken bhunna curry and other delicious food menus.
2. Bubur Lambuk from Malaysia
Malaysia is one of Indonesia's neighboring countries, which is predominantly Muslim. In the month of Ramadan the Malaysian community has a special tradition of breaking the fast together at the mosque. And the most special menu is lambuk porridge. What is unique is not the porridge, but how to make it. Porridge made from rice with a mixture of minced beef, dried shrimp and various types of spices is cooked in mutual cooperation in various mosques in Malaysia to be further distributed to the worshipers of the mosque. This moment only occurs in the fasting month, so that the community is very enthusiastic to welcome the coming of the holy month of Ramadan and flock to the mosque to enjoy the beauty of breaking the fast together.
3. Middle Eastern Typical Falafel
Fried food does not die, like the people of Indonesia who cannot leave fried foods when breaking fast, as well as the Middle Eastern people who make this fried Falafel as a mandatory snack when breaking fast. But this falafel is certainly different from various fried foods in Indonesia, especially the basic ingredients. If fried foods in Indonesia are made from the basic ingredients of flour, this Middle Eastern typical falafel is made from ground beans added with eggs, spices and a little flour then wrapped in pita bread or lafa. But like fried food in general, this falafel is also served with sauces and salads. In a country where the majority of the population is Muslim, they often hold fasting together during the month of Ramadhan, which involves thousands of people with this delicious menu of falafel.
4. Tabbouleh and Hummus from Lebanon
Are you a salad lover? You should try a Lebanese salad made from fruit and vegetables with a mixture of bulgur, parsley, mint leaves, fresh onions and lemon sauce. What is unique about this salad is the bulgur mixture, where it is a type of cereal made from durum wheat. To make it more enjoyable, Lebanese people enjoy Tabbouleh with hummus which is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, protein and folic acid. Hummus is a complementary food made from refined soybeans, lahiti, lentini, garlic, olive oil, lemon water and salt. In general, this hummus is served with pita bread or favors as well if enjoyed as a complementary snack iftar.
5. Turkish Pide Bread
Turkish society has a unique tradition of Ramadan. They have a typical sahur and breaking fast menu and can only be found during Ramadan. Is that? Turkish society welcomes the presence of the fasting month happily by always serving pide bread in each dish with a variety of complementary foods for one month.
Those are some unique Ramadan foods from various countries. What about the typical Ramadan food in your house? Good luck..
Description: Ramadhan is synonymous with typical food. In addition to Indonesia, Ramadhan's special food is also owned by several Muslim countries.

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