keep you busy

His career is so brilliant, at the age of not even 30, he has become a marketing manager in his office. Not the usual manager, because the achievement of his work is always above average.

Naturally, if the Boss think of him as a golden child, who staying digadang will soon hold a new office that will be opened some time to come.

This is certainly proportional to the income that can be enjoyed every month, because the achievement of work is always directly proportional to the results obtained by everyone, including this one youth as well.

Appearance? No need to ask, a beautiful face with an athletic body like the look of a swimming athlete, the value of 9 out of 10 it feels worth to be given.

Always look attractive and neat, all women will also soon put heart to him. Not to mention his sweet smile and always ready to support his friendly attitude to everyone, guaranteed the other youth around him will always feel less competitive with his presence there.

Being an idol d office is no longer a new thing for him, for over the years he has been known as a fun and successful figure among his co-workers.

Certainly, work is always the number one thing for him. So do not be surprised if day and night his life is always thinking about the problem of work, work and work only.

All his mind and energy only focus on his career and also his work alone. Then, has all of this made him happy?

There are many people who like the youth above, probably including you too. You are successful in your career, have an attractive appearance, and always become everyone's idol, so you are complacent and do not even think of anything else outside your work.

The time is only taken for work, even you often bring your work home. This is not wrong, but it can not be exactly right.

Life is of course not just for work, even if you have a myriad of occupations that take up all the time and keep you busy.

You still need other colors in your life, so you can be happy. If you do not enjoy this life, then how will you be happy?

Working may make you happy, especially when you are successful and can achieve the highest career in your field. But remember one thing, that you must have time to enjoy all that, you also need to be happy in your life. You do not have to succeed first to be happy, even though your life is still in the process of success, you still have to be happy

Enjoy your life today, because the day you have today will certainly never come back, so enjoy it as much as possible. In addition to working and doing other things, make sure you enjoy it happily. In the end, life orientation is not necessarily a great career and money, but you only need one word to enjoy your life, that is happy. Always enjoy your life and your time with maximum, so that you will not regret it later and you can live your life with a happy feeling.

Remember this story is not teaching you not to attach importance to your career, of course you need to work hard in order to have a good career. But it is also necessary to enjoy life on the sidelines of your busy life.

May we all include people who have a good career and can enjoy our lives at all times. Because happiness will be gained when we enjoy our life.

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